Linkifier Test & Experiences – The Multihoster In Detail

Already since 2015 the provider is on the market and offers access to different filehosters. The small but experienced team of the Linkifier is currently trying to establish itself on the market. With more than 80 filehosters various files can be downloaded. These include popular providers such as Turbobit, FileFactory, Uploaded, Rapidgator and Filespace. But what are the advantages of compared to other multihosters and how is the price concept to be evaluated? In addition, we are looking into the question “Is the service safe to use in Germany” and want to provide an answer to this question. In addition to the free account there is also the possibility to book a Premium Account. Here, too, we want to filter out all important information so that an all-round view is available.

More about the provider, their values and mission can be found here: Linkifier

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Linkifier Test – Which positive features does the provider offer?

Free access Various premium account models Numerous payment options Up to 40% commission for partners

The entire Linkifier offering at a glance

The Multihoster offers free access. In order to register you only need to enter a valid email address. To gain first Linkifier experiences, the free access is worthwhile, but there are some limitations. If you want to use the full scope of services, it is recommended to create a Premium Account. Linkifier offers different terms, so that you can have a look at a premium account for a small amount of money before you change to a package, which has a longer term but lower costs. Among other things, a premium user is provided with the maximum download files speed. There is also no daily limit when booking such a package. The parallel downloading of files or documents is also possible, so that the premium access for one or the other user could be worthwhile. As usual, there will be no advertising, which is often perceived as annoying with the free version.

Premium packages at a glance – contract period and prices in detail

After the Linkifier test of the free version has been completed, every user has the possibility to create a Premium Account. This account offers different contract periods with different prices. Here, too, a small package offers a variant that can provide a very good insight. With the Premium Package for 30 days costs of $9.99 are added to the user. With such an access you can get a good insight into the Premium Package. Ad-free zones are available as well as unlimited traffic. Also the speed of the downloads and uploads are much higher, so that everything goes much faster. The next bigger package includes the premium access for 90 days. This will cost around $26.99, so you can save a little compared to the 30-day package. Users can also book a 180-day Premium Access with Linkifier. At $44.99, the savings are more visible here. If you want to get a 360 day premium account, you can save a lot more and get a total of $84.99. The best price is for a 730 day package. With a proud price of $149.99, the package can only be recommended if Linkifier has been tested sufficiently beforehand and a user agrees. In general, you should test Linikfier with a smaller package first before a yearly subscription is taken out or you decide to go for the 730-day package.

The payment methods in the Linkifier Test

Nowadays, there are numerous payment service providers who ensure that things run smoothly on the Internet. Due to the extreme variety of payment methods, every buyer has a different favourite. In total, currently offers five different payment methods. The well-known e-wallet of PayPal belongs to one of the payment service providers with which the multihoster works together. Nearly everybody has a PayPal account by now, so that for many people the suitable and secure payment service provider is already found with Linkifier. But also anonymous payment is becoming more and more important on the internet. So the Premium Accounts can also be purchased with the Paysafecard or against Bitcoin. While the Paysafecard can be purchased at almost any gas station or supermarket checkout, paying with Bitcoins is a little more demanding and should only be practiced by experienced Bitcoin users, as an appropriate wallet must be available for this purpose. In addition to the payment method using a credit card, there is another payment service provider called Payza. In Germany, however, this payment method has so far met with little approval and is therefore used very rarely. IMG: Old: Payment by credit card at

All hosters of Linkifier at a glance

With more than 80 hosters under the Linkifier umbrella, there is support for almost every customer. We have listed all hosters so that you can get an insight into the available providers. The list can help you to find out if the desired hoster is supported by and therefore a premium account is worthwhile. If you don’t want to go through the list one by one, we recommend the search function, which can be opened with CTRL+F. Afterwards you just have to enter the name of your favorite and you will get the matching provider, if it is among the hosters.

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All functions of the Multihoster

We would like to present once again all the information about the Multihoster at one go, so that a closer look is created. Both the number of hosters, as well as the download speed and volume at a glance: More than 80 filehosters – More than 80 filehosters are supported by and among them are all important ones like Share-Online, Uploaded, Rapdigator and more. Price/Performance Ratio – Due to the high number of hosters the price for the premium version is quite reasonable. Even if Linkifier is not the cheapest provider, the price-performance ratio is always right! Download volume – Nearly all offered filehosters have no download files limit, so there are no limitations and no additional costs. Speed – Linkifier advertises with 300 MBIT speed. This means that the maximum capacity should be reached with every internet connection.

The interface and the use with Linkifier

In our Linkifier experiences we of course also want to take a look at the usability of the website. We took a closer look at the registration and login, as well as the navigation, up- and downloads. The registration during our Linkifier experience was successful right away. All we needed to set up the free access is a mail address that can be accessed. Once the valid email address is entered, all you need is a password, so that you already have free access to the Multihoster Linkifier. There were also no major loading times or similar problems during navigation on the website. With only one click you can view and select the more than 80 filehosters. Since the complete homepage is available in English, a user should have some language skills to get along on the spot. Up- and downloading on is mostly self-explanatory for people who have already dealt with a multihoster. Please note that parallel downloads are only possible as a premium member.

Unfortunately, the Linkifier free access does not have such a possibility, so that one should get carried away to a premium access if necessary. Another advantage of Linkifier is the integration of jDownloader. With the download manager, downloads can be easily managed and kept in view. Other download files managers like IDM, Load! and Mipony can also be integrated on, so that there is a suitable offer for every user.

Data protection, security and privacy

According to our Linkifier experience, all sensitive data is protected by SSL encryption so that no third party can access the data. Furthermore, the company uses standardized malware scans to protect its users. Linkifier itself states that only very few people have access to the data. uses this information only to improve the user experience, support and manage surveys or similar processes. Information will only be shared with partner companies with whom has an agreement. For this purpose, it is also worthwhile to review the General Terms and Conditions in more detail, provided that sufficient English language skills are available.

Our conclusion of the Linkifier Test

As a relatively young multihoster, the Linkifier is currently still struggling for recognition on the net. In the last few months of last year, has already attracted attention and generated numerous new deals. This also indicates that Linkifier is on the right track and seems to appeal to the general public.

Due to the easy-to-use interface and the numerous filehosters, the price for the Linkifier Premium Membership is quite reasonable, so that there are no complaints in this respect either. So, if you are looking for a suitable multihoster with numerous filehosters and a fair price-performance ratio, you should take a closer look at Linkifier and subject it to a free Linkifier test.

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